The Maggots, from Stockholm, play what some people would call 'garage rock'. Others might think of it as some kind of rock with punk appeal. The truth, as always, is something in between.
The band came into being late one night, some three years ago, when MÃ¥ns P. MÃ¥nsson and Jens "Jensa" Lindberg (after some heavy drinking), decided to put together a three-piece garage punk combo. They had already played together during the previous garage rock wave in the mid eighties. Then it was in the legendary The Crimson Shadows, who left behind a couple of rare singles and a mini-LP.
To begin with, The Maggots line-up was somewhat interchangeable, but after a while it became clear that Måns on guitar and vocals, Jensa on vocals and bass and finally Anders Öberg behind the drums, would be the right formation. The band started gigging and within rock circles the rumours began to grow about the intensity of The Maggots live performances.
Likewise, Low Impact Records also found The Maggots irresistible and happily released their first 7" EP which was both very well received by the garage/ rock 'n' roll community and highly praised in many fanzines. The success led to more singles from The Maggots on different labels, among others Bad Afro in Denmark.
After having released five 45's, the band had a temporary crisis when both Jens and Anders defected, due to increased demands from daytime careers and family.

The only one left was Måns, who definitely did not intend to bury The Maggots. He immediately took action and called Jonas Lundberg, the ex-drummer from the Slammers and A-Bombs, and bass-player Stefan "Steffe" Hellström, who Måns knew from their time together in Friends and Zonk. Steffe was also a one time member of Swedish garage legends the Wylde Mammoths. These two guys both shared his opinion that the Maggots was a hell of a band and too cool to die. Before long this new constellation had rehearsed itself to even higher grounds. Later that year The Maggots recorded their debut album 'Get Hooked!' for release in 2001.
It's a generous share of intense rock 'n' roll music where compromise and commercial considerations have been thrown out of the window. This guided missile is steered by The Maggots boundless love for a music that's best when unrestrained, wild and emotional. At the same time, there's a ground and a punch in the songs that prevents it from falling into the nostalgia trap. On the contrary: The Maggots are without doubt here and now and 'in your face' the way real rock music has always been. The album received rave reviews in both rock'n'roll fanzines and the major papers. The Maggots gigged quite a lot since "Get Hooked!" and have once again been recorded live by Swedish National Radio, this time at the Barbarella Garage Festival that took place in the summer of 2001.
In January 2002 The Maggots proudly received the award for "Best Independent Label Release 2001" for the Get Hooked LP/CD in Radio Rocket Swedish Rock Awards!

Early in 2002 The Maggots released their second album This Condition Is Incurable, a 10" / CD, on the Danish label Bad Afro. On this release The Maggots continue to lash out their brand of garage punk/rock'n'roll filled with equal shares of hooks and mad fuzz attack rave-ups. It's been very well received in both fanzines and major magazines all over Scandinavia and Europe.
Following the second album The Maggots did their first European tour in the spring of 2002, covering Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain with successful gigs, as well as playing all over Scandinavia. The Maggots also did a separate tour to Italy earlier in 2002, which was a well attended rock'n'roll blast!
During the summer The Maggots appeared at the Roskilde Festival, as well as on Gearfest in Helsinki and the Emmaboda Festival in southern Sweden.

In January 2003 The Maggots released a new 45 on Gearhead Records, their first US release! The Maggots are also being included on the new Gearhead "Smash Up Derby" CD compilation.
The Maggots third album "Do The Maggot!", was released by Low Impact in August 2003. Ater they made a Scandinavian tour with the Fleshtones the bass player Stefan left the band. New man for the job is Thomas Holm from the A-Bombs

If you are longing for a band that delivers rock music as timeless as it is uplifting, but have never really heard anything that has met your standards, I promise you, The Maggots will finally bring you that big inner smile!

The Maggots albums are now avalible for download and streaming at iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify

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The Maggots are:
Thomas Holm: Bass
MÃ¥ns P. MÃ¥nsson: Vocals, Guitar
Jonas Lundberg: Drums
Contact The Maggots:
c/o Low Impact Records

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